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Portable Weighing Control System Of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/28

     The basic requirements for mobile concrete batching plant commodity trader accurate weighing system weighing large error on the strength of concrete products, and many kinds of said preselected value types to be more, to be conveniently converted to accommodate a variety of different sizes and ratios requirements. To simple weighing device structure is simple structure, solid and reliable, stable performance, easy to operate. Specific requirements for mobile stations Concrete Concrete commodity trader weighing control system, see the following description.

    Concrete commodity trader concrete station operating conditions and load sensor is a big difference between the generally used for electronic commerce measurement scales that commodity concrete mixing station load sensor is quite harsh operating conditions, the stress environment is very complex compared with the general operating environment of electronic products, there is a greater randomness. Ambient temperature and humidity commodity concrete mixing station is usually open-air installation, the sensor may suffer from sun and rain, extreme temperature changes. And many construction projects are quite harsh natural conditions in mountainous or remote areas. Therefore, we must consider a larger temperature range, higher humidity conditions.
    Commercial concrete mixing plant  process requires water. In the water delivery and the weighing process will produce a lot of water vapor, in a certain small range of more humid environment is formed. In the thermostat mixing building, then there are different requirements of high temperature and low temperature conditions working conditions. Summer run at low temperature conditions to be introduced into the cold and ice stirred below zero, then the building will appear condensate, which shows the high humidity of the building.
    Mixed concrete requires a lot of cement, coal ash, and an appropriate amount of additive in the production process. The powder conveying and weighing process will produce dust. Even the aggregate, in the delivery process also generates dust. Part of the dust will be attached to the load cell surface. Under the combined effect of dust and water vapor, the sensor will be more serious corrosion. Therefore, the damage is usually powder scale sensors sensors than other scales more frequently. In the feed process, sand and gravel will have an impact.
    Concrete commodity trader concrete station is usually installed at the construction site. Less extensive use of temporary workers on a construction site, where a considerable number of temporary workers and cultural level, lack the necessary skills. Maintenance and cleaning work device, the sensor is likely to occur by the sputtering pressure water, caused by misuse overload situation. Obviously, the sensor to be long-term reliable operation under such environmental conditions, is to some special design.
    These basic requirements and operating conditions can be stirred as portable concrete mixing plant with a load sensor selection basis. With the development of economy and technology, high-rise buildings, long bridges, large water conservancy and other harsh environments exposed to the performance of commodity concrete building higher and higher requirements, concrete technology has also entered the high technological age, the proportion of the application of high performance concrete products has been increasing. Production of high performance concrete in addition to the correct selection of commodity raw materials, determine reasonable parameters, the batching control the construction process is also very important. Accuracy commercial concrete mixing plant in the batching system is an important part.