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Concrete Mixer Truck Lights Daily Maintenance And Common Fault Repair

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/22

     If the concrete mixer truck before headlight damage, usually similar fixtures replaced. Some cement mixer equipped with a high-intensity discharge headlamps HID, high-pressure arc the device through its pre-designed electronic system to produce high-density discharge to generate light. Note that ordinary halogen bulbs can not be applied here. Also, check for cracks headlights, because although the surface crack does not affect the performance of the headlights illuminated, but the moisture will penetrate the cracks along the fixture, which is bound to reduce the cement mixer lamp life.

    Before concrete mixer calibration headlight illumination direction should also be included in the list of maintenance projects, because in order to ensure maximum safety of motorists driving cement mixer, cement mixer headlights must be able to provide a good vehicle for driving forward lighting . Cement mixer, cement mixer price, cement mixer parameters, cement mixer parameters, cement mixer manufacturers, cement mixer Which is better?
    I grab the key, but also must not forget to test other light system, such as turn signals, license plate light, showing the wide lights, parking lights, down lights and brake lights (including middle brake light CHMSL) and so on. In addition, many cement mixer will fog as standard equipment or popular attachments, fog is usually installed in the lower position of the car, and therefore vulnerable to stone damage, while its maintenance, in addition to checking outdoor lighting system itself, the lights of the crack should not be overlooked.