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The Daily Work Of Concrete Mixing Plant Maintenance Is Necessary

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/21

     Concrete mixing plant can operate well, and its own maintenance are inseparable, concrete mixing station equipment such good care of people like to do, in order to maximize equipment life and reduce the frequency of machine failure occurs, technician construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou innovation after years of mixing station technology development and after-sales experience summed up the entire concrete mixing station equipment maintenance system, now share with you!

    ⑴ after each job is completed, mixing station staff should be responsible for clean-up and maintenance items:
    ① clean up inside and outside the mixing tank wall fouling, discharge mouth, concrete agitator shaft and discharge residue on the door, where the water will be clean, if necessary, put a small amount of gravel and water and stir for several minutes release. Water for washing cars, additional agents and for the system box.
    ② freezing season, the working end of the pump should be exhausted, the additional agent pump, water tank, the additional agent tank, water, additives line residual water, additional agents to prevent damage to the pump and its piping, and start the pump additional agent pump running 1-2 minutes.
    batching plant manufacturer weekly inspection and maintenance items:
    ① need for manual pump lubrication;
    ② lubrication points must be lubricated to work;
    Note: The lubrication points located commercial concrete mixing plant discharge door shaft, each weighing hopper and Doumen axis, tape transport, machine roller, pressure roller, roller bearings, drive chains, screw shaft, the lower bearing and hosts a large gear, etc. .
    Adjust gap or replace ③ Check blades, scraper, mixing arm wear, etc. necessary.
    ④ Check vibrator coupling bolt without loosening;
    ⑤ Check the compressor crankcase lubricant quality. Replace if necessary;
    ⑥ check the electrical contactors, relays static and dynamic contact damage and burnout.