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Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance And Technical Transformation

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/19

    With the development of modern science and technology, it is particularly important to keep pace with The Times, concrete mixing plant has been occupies an important position in the construction industry, of course also nots allow to ignore.

     Based on concrete mixer machinery maintenance system, combined with the actual work I stand, this article only worn concrete mixer, screen two parts corresponding maintenance technical transformation description.

    (A) mechanical maintenance system
    1. Planned maintenance system. In practice, the implementation of our maintenance system was "planned maintenance system." That concrete mixer in use in accordance with the schedule of the interval, the warranty program, progressively increased, longer regular work is included in the scope of repairs. This "both maintenance and repair, prevention first" ideology, construction machinery intact state of the technology, extend the service life can play a positive role. But a ride unchanged its warranty category and interval period, making the warranty period and mechanical actual situation is not consistent with the impact of the use of mechanical performance, increased repair costs, resulting in
    Unnecessary waste and does not meet today's engineering machinery.
    2. Preventive maintenance system. In recent years, "Preventive maintenance system," the basic idea has been widely publicized as "periodic inspection, repair as needed." It was determined through preventive maintenance and repair checking this link (techniques). Its core is the "on-demand repair", which is in accordance with the actual state of technology maintenance object, rather than the actual use of time to control the maintenance mode. This system better solution "program warranty system" in rigid mandatory repairs, but it should also be taken to avoid undetected leak led to the demolition of dilapidated loss insurance.
    The data indicate that the two systems are in constant self-improvement. Plan "warranty" system being developed for early diagnosis of technical failure; and "preventive maintenance" system also made according to the maintenance record information to identify the mechanical wear of the law to determine the repair cycle. Seen in this light, the two systems have highly complementary, engineering machinery, in order to seriously with reality, according to the staff composition, maintenance capability strength, their technical condition of equipment and machinery maintenance equipment be considered, namely, To achieve maximum component life pursuit, it will not leak repair warranty tainted phenomenon.
    (B) wear some technical measures
    1. Surface wear response. Concrete mixers may have worn working conditions, including micro-vibration, sliding, impact, abrasion, erosion and so on. Therefore, it should be used for the abrasion-resistant coating with heat and chemical resistance of coatings. How to make batching plant manufacturer screw conveyor suffer continuous, strong, harsh abrasion caused by concrete delivery at work? After our long-term practice and research, found that the use of wear-resistant coating made of thermal spray technology, greatly improving the wear resistance of the surface of the machine operation, extended service life.
    2. Lubricating device worn technical measures. Due to poor working conditions, the concrete mixer shaker is the most easily damaged parts vibration bearings. So many years of repair work, we draw: To ensure that its technical performance, maintenance and reconstruction must pay attention not shoddy, you must use high-quality bearings, and its supporting design a reasonable lubricating device, in order to ensure proper and efficient lubrication, and ultimately improve the life of the shaker.