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Safety Requirements For Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/18

     The pre-operational inspection program for concrete batching plant should meet the following requirements

    (1) drive cylinder and stir each supporting organization, moving parts and doors, Doumen, so there was no foreign body stuck in orbit:
    (2) The lubricating oil tank height compliance:
    (3) Open the gas too much water separator water valve discharge gas system, sewage drain plug open air reservoir release water mixture:
    (4) enhance the dragline bucket or rope installation are correct winding reel, wire rope and pulley compliance, enhance the hopper and dragline brake sensitive and effective;
    (5) portable concrete mixing plant ministries bolts are tightened, each inlet and discharge valves wear no overrun, each belt tension properly, without deviation;
    (6)All control and display some of the work  normal weighing device, the accuracy of compliance;
    (7) All electrical devices can effectively control the mechanical movement, the contact point and the dynamic and static contact no obvious damage.

    Under the background of the new era of construction machinery equipment will again forced reform along with the market demand, many small and medium enterprises will face the crisis of collapse.Deal with this kind of situation, to enhance the overall technical level of the engineering machinery and equipment, this will be the main channel of the industry development in the future.As the demand of the market has increased, the cement concrete mixing station, mobile concrete batching plant and various types of mechanical products will be modified one by one, modified for more in line with the market demand for products, in both quality and performance will be more perfect.