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Mini Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:22/08/11

    The mini concrete batching plant for sale has low overall investment, high return and low maintenance cost in the later period, and is more and more familiar to customers all over the world. The models of mini concrete batching plant are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, we can choose the model according to actual use. The cost to build a set of mini concrete batching plant is low, the concrete batching plant price is not high, so new buyers can choose mini model concrete batching plant first.

    The construction cost of mini concrete batching plant for sale: In addition to the cost of mini concrete batching plant equipment, a piece of land of several acres, to build an office, get a weighbridge, and a forklift. This total investment is about 6-10 million. It is difficult to estimate the cost of raw materials. Generally, 80-90T cement is used for 1000 cubic meters of concrete.

    mini concrete batching plant for sale

    The hourly output of the HZS25 concrete batching plant is a theoretical value, and the actual output is about 20 cubic meters per hour. It can be assumed that the profit of HZS25 small concrete batching plants for one year = 20 cubic meters per hour * 8 hours * 300 days * concrete price 7 dollar / cubic = 3.36 million dollars. Therefore, even if it is a HZS25 mini concrete batching plant, it is not a dream to earn 1 million a year in the first year except for equipment, construction costs, raw materials and labor costs. In addition to the first year, the following years will only make more money. At that time, you can also consider replacing the larger concrete batching plant equipment.

    We must believe that the price of concrete batching plant equipment is directly proportional to the quality, and those manufacturers who only talk about price but not quality must be unreliable. You can skip these manufacturers and find a few more reliable manufacturers for on-the-spot inspection. Haomei Machinery is a powerful manufacturer of mini concrete batching plant for sale. It has always regarded meeting customer requirements as the core of its business operations. It is our goal to strictly control the quality and strive to improve efficiency. Our company perseveres and strives to provide concrete batching plants that meet market demand for demand groups.