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Wet Type Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:22/08/18

    Wet type batching plant make quick profits with small investment, and which is in line with the development of today's era. Whether it is a large or small wet type concrete batching plant, it is necessary to pay attention to the problems in the operation, avoid some unnecessary common failures, and reduce maintenance, which can not only increase the service life of the machinery and equipment, but also control the cost.

    Machine operators of wet batching plants, must be given effective technical learning and training for employment. They are models for the effect and value evaluation of concrete production work. Even the most advanced industrial equipment needs to be operated by people. If the machine and equipment are used for too long, some common failures cannot be avoided. Let's talk about how to avoid unnecessary common failures.

    wet type batching plant

    1, If you want to savor the maintenance carefully, the motor is also in continuous operation, and daily maintenance is particularly important: when the motor is working, pay attention to the working ecological environment, and it should not be too shaken to avoid damage to the motor or reduce the service life. It is also necessary to carry out a visual inspection, whether the centrifugal fan is working normally, whether there is very much vibration, whether the coupling connection is reliable, and whether the base is tightened? Is there any problem with the roller bearing (listen to the sound), whether there is a problem with the working temperature (infrared thermometer), and whether there is a problem with the current value (clamp-type ammeter). and electric slip rings. If there is an abnormality in one aspect, it is necessary to carry out motor maintenance as soon as possible, otherwise, it will be difficult to solve the problem when the situation is serious.

    2, Professional skills of wet batching plant operators: Large, medium and small concrete batching plants have very low requirements for operators and maintenance personnel. Large, medium and small concrete batching plants have complex structures, high technical levels, and high demands on operators and maintenance personnel.

    3, The operator of the wet type batching plant should always make appropriate adjustments and inspections to the matching clearance of the prefabricated components of the concrete batching plant machine (this must be checked once per shift).