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Dry Batch Concrete Plant For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:22/08/25

    The dry batch concrete plant for sale has the characteristics of small footprint, reasonable structure and simple operation. The dry batch concrete plant equipment has the advantages of moderate investment, short construction period and quick investment effect. The dry mix concrete batching plant can not be equipped with a mixing host, so the investment cost is low.

    dry batch concrete plant for sale

    The component of dry batch concrete plant for sale is simple than ordinary concrete batching plant, but it is still complete. The structure composition of dry mix concrete batching plant are:
    1, Batching machine:
    It is mainly responsible for aggregate weighing and conveying tasks. Generally, it can be equipped with multiple warehouses according to the needs of engineering concrete. Customers should choose according to their own needs. Concrete batching machines are divided into pneumatic single weighing, pneumatic separate weighing, cumulative weighing and other forms according to their weighing methods, and customers can customize them according to their own needs.

    2, Belt Conveyor:
    This is the main equipment for aggregate conveying, but it can be replaced by a hopper lifting method. If not, it can be replaced by a hopper lifting device. Suggestion: If the site conditions permit, it can be matched with a belt hoist to improve work efficiency.

    3, Screw conveyor:
    The powder conveying equipment has the characteristics of strong conveying capacity and good airtightness. The supporting equipment purchased by the fixed station, when purchasing the mobile station, according to its own situation, if it is already equipped, no additional matching is required.

    4, Cement silo:
    It is a powder storage equipment, which is the same as the screw conveyor. When the fixed engineering station is purchased, it will be directly equipped in the list, while the mobile station needs additional configuration.

    5, Weighing unit:
    This is the key to ensuring the quality of the concrete in the engineering concrete station. Only by strictly proportioning and weighing can the final quality be guaranteed. is necessary equipment.

    6, Dust removal equipment:
    The warehouse roof dust collector and water mist system are generally equipped, which does not affect the preparation process of the concrete itself, but from the perspective of environmental protection, it is recommended to be equipped.

    7, Control System:
    It mainly includes control room and control system. A good control system can realize equipment automation and effectively reduce labor costs. The automatic control of the dry batch concrete plant for sale can effectively detect all parts of the concrete batching plant in the production process.

    8, Vibrating machines, arch breaking devices, pneumatic valves, small universal joints and other equipment are generally built according to customer needs, and can be changed according to the actual situation during construction.