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Concrete Mixer Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:22/09/01

    The concrete mixer plant is composed of main engine, cement silo, material feeding system, control system and auxiliary equipment. The main engine is the core part of the entire production line, which is responsible for the efficient mixing and transportation of various raw materials. The cement silo is used to store cement, the material feeding system sends the raw materials to the host for mixing, and the control system is responsible for monitoring and controlling the entire production process.

    Concrete mixer plants are very competitively priced due to their many advantages. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, which can greatly improve work efficiency. In addition, it also has the characteristics of energy saving and emission reduction, which can save energy expenses for enterprises. In addition, it has the characteristics of strong durability and can be used for a long time. Therefore, more and more enterprises are willing to choose concrete batching plant. The price of a standard HZS120 concrete batching plant is about 150,000-20,000 dollars. The specific and detailed price should be based on the quotation of the manufacturer. The price of different configurations is different.

     concrete mixer plant

    The 2 m3
    concrete batching plant is a high-efficiency concrete production equipment, which has a strong production capacity and can continuously produce a large amount of high-quality concrete. The theoretical output of the 2 cubic meter concrete batching plant is 120 cubic meters per hour. Since the actual output is 80% of the theoretical output, the actual output of the 2 cubic meter concrete batching plant is 96 cubic meters per hour.

    The concrete mixer plant can continuously produce large quantities of high-quality concrete and is widely used in industrial and civil construction fields. The 2 cubic meter concrete batching plant is an efficient equipment that can be used to produce high-quality concrete. It has a strong production capacity and can produce concrete continuously for 24 hours. This equipment is ideal for large engineering projects and can greatly improve the speed and quality of engineering.