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Cement Pump Trailer

Writer:Admin   Time:22/09/08

    The cement pump trailer offered by Haomei Machinery is high performance fully hydraulically controlled concrete pump. This hydraulic system deletes the four parts, such as PLC, constant pressure pump, accumulator, and proximity switch, which are easily damaged in the electronically controlled reversing concrete pump, which greatly improves the overall reliability of the trailer concrete pump machine and reduces the maintenance cost in the later period, to ensure that the concrete pump machine can work flawlessly under harsh conditions. It mainly produces various types of motor (diesel engine) concrete pumps with a conveying volume of 30-120m³/h and a concrete conveying pressure of 5-20Mpa.

    cement pump trailer

    The performance of cement pump trailer shows great advantages, so more and more people choose to buy trailer concrete pump for construction, as a professional trailer concrete pump manufacturer with strong comprehensive strength, we summarize the advantaged of trailer cement pump machine are:
    1, High-standard safety and reliability:
    The main structure is made of imported high-strength steel plates, the boom adopts vibration reduction technology, protected unilateral operation support, anti-tipping control technology, etc.
    2, High pumping efficiency:
    The trailer concrete pump adopts ultra-large displacement pumping technology, which can greatly reduce the pumping frequency, improve the suction efficiency, and reduce the loss of related components.
    3, Convenient operation and maintenance:
    The cement pump trailer adopts automatic piston return, automatic reverse stirring of stirring, easy disassembly and assembly of intermediate ring and piston rod, etc., which is convenient to operate and greatly reduces maintenance costs.
    4, Energy saving and environmental protection:
    The engine's intelligent energy-saving technology can save 10% of fuel.
    5, The hydraulic and electrical systems such as imported pumps and motors with high configuration ensure the stability and reliability of the hydraulic and electrical systems.
    6, The conveying pipe, reducing pipe, glasses plate cutting ring, etc. are all made of high wear-resistant materials, which prolongs the service life of wearing parts.