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Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump

Writer:Admin   Time:22/09/22

    Diesel trailer concrete pump is a high-pressure and large-displacement concrete pump powered by a diesel engine. The diesel type trailer concrete pump product is beautiful in appearance, excellent in options and advanced in performance, especially considering the reliability of the concrete pump product. Advanced design and global procurement of parts make diesel trailer concrete pump made in China comparable to foreign advanced products in performance, especially suitable for mass concrete conveying operations in high-rise buildings, ideal concrete conveying equipment for areas with harsh natural conditions and remote areas where electricity is lacking.

    diesel trailer concrete pump

    And Haomei Machinery engaged in concrete equipment developing for more than 25 years, we have rich experience in trailer concrete pump manufacturing, the diesel trailer concrete pump have better market response compared to electrical engine trailer concrete pump. The competitive advantages of diesel engine
    trailer concrete pump are:
    1, The power system adopts Dachai Deutz turbocharged diesel engine as the driving force.
    2, The main oil pump adopts Rexroth constant power variable piston pump, which can make full use of the power of the prime mover, and the intelligent electronic control system can realize automatic power matching, saving energy and reducing consumption.
    3, The main seals are made of high-quality seals produced by internationally renowned manufacturers, with good sealing performance and automatic lubrication system to ensure long-term continuous operation of the equipment.
    4, The electrical system adopts electrical components produced by internationally renowned manufacturers, with stable and reliable performance and long service life.
    5, The valve box body is made of 16Mn steel plate with high strength and good rigidity; the glasses plate and wear-resistant ring are made of hard alloy, which has good wear resistance and long service life.
    6, With automatic high and low voltage one-key switching function.

    The diesel trailer concrete pump is hot sale on construction equipment market, the equipment quality, equipment operation, service life and equipment maintenance are also need to be considered besides of the trailer concrete pump. Buy concrete pump equipment from Haomei Machinery, you do not need to worry about these problems, we have prepare ready for you:
    1, Worry-free construction, global warranty for power system;
    2, Easy maintenance and less hassle for self-lubricating units;
    3, Easy to operate, high and low voltage switching can be adjusted arbitrarily;
    4, High cooling efficiency, high efficiency of water cooling and air cooling.