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Concrete Wet Mix Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:22/09/29

    Wet mix batching plant is more and more trusted and supported by the majority of customers, and is widely used in various engineering construction construction. The concrete wet mix batching plant have obvious advantages than dry mix batching plant and manual concrete mixing machine. Now we Haomei Machinery will introduce several advantages of the wet mix concrete batching plant.

     wet mix batching plant

    1, Practical data management system:

    Real-time saving of concrete wet batching plant production data, with strong combination query and various report output functions, automatic printing of delivery order.

    2, Practical slump monitoring system:

    The practical slump monitoring system allows the operator to intuitively judge the slump of concrete according to the displayed mixer current curve.

    3, Intermittent wet mix concrete batching plant structure point:

    The lower discharge opening of the storage bin is larger, the material in the bin will not be arched (the bin does not need vibrator), fast discharging speed, less filling time, one filling can produce one truckload of concrete, small cylinder action frequency, long service life.

    4, Batching time and lifting time are combined into one:

    The storage bin has short time to add material to the measuring hopper, and the batching time and lifting time are longer. Thus the sensor has sufficient stable response time, small batching overshoot and small lifting load.

    5, Strong pulling belt speed is controlled by computer and frequency converter to realize soft start and stop, small impact and less belt sticking material. All kinds of aggregates are discharged, mixed and lifted load evenly in the basic fixed time.

    6, Using frequency converter to regulate speed, high precision dosage can be realized by wet mix batching plant in a shorter time.