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Concrete Wet Mix Type Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:22/10/11

    In daily production and manufacturing, the production of concrete wet mix type batching plant is mainly take m3 as the quantity unit, so you often hear customers say that 1 m3 batching plant, 1.5 m3 batching plant, etc., here the data refers to the mixing server model. For example, 1.5m3 wet batching plant refers to the concrete mixing plant whose server is js1500 agitator. 1.5 cubic meter batching plant have two types, one is the HZS75 concrete batching plant with pull-bucket feeding, and the other is the HZS90 concrete batching plant with belt conveyor feeding. For the selection of these two types, generally related to the quantity of commercial concrete required by the project.

    HZS75 concrete wet mix type batching plant is a kind of hopper station station, concrete production is 75 cubic meter per hour, party a and the traditional definition, hopper station for commercial concrete batching plant, as a result of a hopper standing stone ingredients efficiency is poor in the past, serious delayed the feeding efficiency of wet batching plant, but now the hopper stands behind the automation technology and the efficiency upgrading, ingredients efficiency with good, Hopper hopper lifter has low price and pure natural advantages, so it is slowly recognized by users.

    At the equipment collocation level, the hopper lift machine is paired with the total weighing and batching machine, so that the whole process of batching transportation is stable and efficient. HZS90 concrete batching plant is belt station station, output per hour 90 cubic meter concrete, belt transport services rate is high, is advantageous to the work station, at this point, the appropriate commodity concrete mixing station of losing production features, and use separate weighing batching machine, all kinds of stone are in each division single ingredient, ingredients of high efficiency and batching accuracy, Reasonable enhance the feed quality of batching plant. Key equipment includes individual weighing and batching machine, belt conveyor, JS concrete mixer.

    Different models of concrete wet mix type batching plant price is not the same, in addition to concrete mixing station equipment model is not the same, other equipment including cement tank, screw conveyor, automatic control system, pneumatic equipment, etc., the selection of this equipment will affect the price of equipment. Therefore, the user needs to master the price of 1.5 cubic meter concrete batching plant, and the priority must be to make clear its own requirements of equipment. To master the actual price information content of 1.5 m3 wet batching plant, you can leave a message or chat privately. We will provide you with free services such as overall planning, design scheme, equipment manufacturing, installation and regulation of the concrete mixing plant.