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Planetary Concrete Mixer For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:22/10/14

    As a necessary high-efficiency mixing equipment, the planetary concrete mixer for sale has a very prominent mixing effect for building materials production, refractory mixing, environmental protection, ceramics and other industries. Through the scientifically designed planetary mixing device, the vertical axis planetary concrete mixer ensures smooth mixing operation, the mixing track spreads over the entire mixing drum, and the mixing uniformity of the vertical axis planetary concrete mixer cannot be replaced by other types of mixing machines. For example, in the building materials construction industry, as a product of the building materials industry, performance concrete often needs to add admixtures such as fly ash, steel fiber, water reducer, etc. in production. Even if the traditional concrete mixer is used to prolong the mixing time, the mixing uniformity cannot meet the standard. In the case of prolonging the stirring time, the twin-shaft concrete mixer cannot complete the stirring requirements due to the shortcomings of its own structure.

    The mixing device of the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer for sale mainly includes a mixing drum, a mixing shaft, a mixing blade and a mixing arm. As the main "work site" of the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer, the mixing drum is also the support for the mixing device, the transmission device, and the discharge. The whole mixing drum of the vertical axis planetary concrete mixer is made of selected corrosion-resistant and friction-resistant thickened steel plates, so it has sufficient rigidity and has a long service life. Double insurance is added for the long-term use of the mixing drum. The vertical shaft planetary mixer mixing system is equipped with an integrated bidirectional mixing reducer, a planetary bidirectional mixing device designed for vertical shaft, and multiple sets of mixing arms are installed on the mixing shaft. The movement trajectory of the mixing blade is complex, the stirring movement is strong, the efficiency is high, and the uniformity of the stirring quality is as high as 100%. The stirring blade of planetary concrete mixer for sale uses a parallelogram, which can be rotated 180° for reuse depending on the situation. It can maximize the amount of concrete mixing and reduce the loss of wearing parts of production equipment.