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Concrete Mixer 1000 Liter

Writer:Admin   Time:22/10/28

    Concrete mixer 1000 liter, also known as JS1000 concrete mixer, is a series of twin-shaft forced concrete mixers with a theoretical productivity of 60m3/h per hour. 1000 liter concrete mixer can be used alone or combined with different types of PLD series concrete batching machines to form a simple concrete mixing plant. It can be used for dry-hard, plastic lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortar and mortar mixing. It is suitable for various construction projects and Medium and small prefabricated components factory.

    concrete mixer 1000 liter

    Concrete mixer 1000 liter is composed of feeding, stirring, unloading, water supply, electrical, cover, chassis, outrigger gear and other parts. JS1000 concrete mixer is a spiral belt structure with space discontinuity formed by the mixing blades on the two mixing shafts. It produces three-dimensional mixing action along the radial and axial directions. Consumption to achieve high homogeneity mixing effect. It is suitable for mixing plastic, dry-hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars and mortars.

    As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and the quality of the concrete mixer is the main factor that determines its price. Therefore, the price of a high-quality 1000 liter concrete mixer is higher than that of an ordinary mixer. Except for the different configurations mentioned above, the high-quality concrete mixer 1000 liter is also equipped with perfect after-sales service, and the cost of this part is also included in the price of the equipment, so from the perspective of cost performance and long-term consideration, the high-quality 1000l concrete mixer is more worth buying.

    The concrete mixer 1000 liter produced and sold by Haomei Machinery adopts the advanced Italian mixer technology, with strong overload resistance, low noise, reliable operation, good mixing quality and good environmental adaptability. It is the best choice for customers.