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Small Portable Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:22/11/04

    The small portable concrete batching plant is easy to operate and saves costs. The chassis adopts a trailer design, which is suitable for diverse terrains. The process of feeding, weighing and mixing of concrete production is concentrated on one trailer unit, the man-machine operation interface is simple and clear, the work is stable and reliable, and it is suitable for various harsh environments. The design of the whole portable concrete batching plant machine meets the requirements of environmental protection and has stable performance.

    small portable concrete batching plant

    The main machine used in the construction of the small portable concrete batching plant is a twin shaft forced concrete mixer, which is easy to maintain, mixes materials uniformly, and has high production efficiency. The production capacity of mobile concrete batching plant YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60, YHZS75 and YHZS90 produced by Haomei Machinery is: 25m3/h, 35m3/h, 50m3/h, 60m3/h, 75m3/h and 90m3/h. The price is very reasonable, and it is more suitable for rural infrastructure investment. The quotation for a small portable concrete batching plant is about 10,000 to 300,000 dollars. Different portable concrete batching manufacturers, different regions, different configurations, and different production processes of small mobile concrete batching plants will have different prices. For the reliable and profession mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed, when customers buy, they must shop around, consult and investigate more, and don't be greedy for cheap.

    So how much does it cost to invest in a set of small portable concrete batching plant? This has become a concern of customers. A set of small mobile concrete batching plant in our company has different configurations according to customer needs. The price ranges from 10,000 to 300,000 dollars. You can call for detailed consultation, production line and make a detailed quotation for you.