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Prospects Of Concrete Pump

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/29

     Concrete pump  with the expansion of construction scale and scope, as well as domestic concrete industry and construction machinery leasing business of rapid development, coupled with the development of the western region have started construction and northeast old industrial base, led the rapid development of concrete transport machinery concrete pump truck market space has also been further expanded. Technology is a key technology boom concrete pump, the past has been manufactured in Germany, the United States and a few other developed countries, enterprises grasp. In 2003, Sany developed a 56 m boom pump, has become one of the world was able to produce such a long arm pump of three companies.

    At present, the domestic production of such product spectrum and increasing business, product performance and quality are in rapidly. With the development of ready-mixed concrete industry, small portable concrete pump machinery specifications and more comprehensive, higher quality, longer pump cloth arm toward the direction of development, from the last 37 meters mainstream, gradual transition to mainly 42 to 45 meters 47 ~ 56 m equally favored by the market.

    In January of this year, Sany has successfully developed the maximum vertical height of up to 66 meters of boom pump, one of the world's longest concrete boom pump current. At present, China's major concrete pump user community is the annual production capacity of 300,000 cubic meters of concrete more than qualified suppliers, industry relatively large construction units, there is a certain economic strength and scale of construction machinery leasing companies, from the original building construction units separated facilities management, etc; individual users are mainly individual coastal areas and individual mixing station machinery rental department. Currently there are at least 800 corporate users more, according to international conventional size every five years to come it will reach truck ownership 4000, plus individual users 1000, this figure is very impressive. After the concrete pump truck market will become increasingly open to expand.