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Selected On The Basis Of Concrete Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:15/07/28

     The choice of mobile concrete mixer basically has three kinds, namely the quantity and time limit for a project need to choose, choice of the types of concrete as planned, choose according to the structure characteristics and the consistency of concrete.

    Mixer can be a variety of materials to fit into a uniform mixture, such as cement, sand and gravel mixed with water into concrete wet material, etc.;Also can increase the material contact surface area to promote chemical reaction;Can also accelerate the physical changes, such as granular solute solvent, added by the effect of mixer can accelerate sugar.
    1, according to the amount and duration of the project need to select concrete projects large and long duration, should use a medium or large stationary concrete mixer or mixing station. Such as small quantities of concrete and the duration is short, medium and small portable mixer should be chosen.
    2, according to the type of program choices concrete mixing concrete plastic or semi plastic type when, should use self-loading mixer. Such as mixing concrete high-strength, lightweight when dry and hard or concrete, should use forced making concrete mixer.
    3, according to the characteristics and composition of concrete consistency, consistency of selection such as mixing concrete aggregate size is small and large, should use larger capacity since the fall mixer. Such as mixing consistency when large aggregate size large concrete mixing tube should be selected from the drop faster speed mixer. Large aggregate size as consistency hours, should use forced hot concrete mixer in China or in small capacity cone reverse the material mixer.