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Teach You To Deal With Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment Leakage Problem

Writer:Admin   Time:15/07/29

     As a kind of by electricity as power station of a complete set of equipment is not leakage in theory, but the reality in the installation and wiring, due to the wire, the influence of the mini concrete batching plant  installation and the external environment, concrete mixing plant equipment leakage most reason is the use of wires, circuit voltage instability or installation errors.

    Since concrete mixing station will have leakage phenomenon, so we should know how to test the leakage and the electricity.
    1, it is determined whether the line is really leakage.
    You can shake megger insulation resistance measurement circuit size, or by one meter in the total knife, do not open the device under the premise, turning all the mobile concrete mixer plant , if the ammeter pointer swing, then the line leakage.
    2, judgment is between the phase line and the zero line of the drain or between phase and earth leakage, or both. Determine the method is to cut the zero line, or ammeter indicates the same, it is between phase and earth leakage; if ammeter indicates zero, it is between the phase line and the zero line leakage; if meter indicates smaller, but not zero, represent both.
    3, to determine the scope of leakage.
    Remove the fuse or pull the knife shunt, ammeter indication if unchanged, it is the bus leakage; if the ammeter indicates zero, it is a shunt leakage; if self loading concrete mixer ammeter indicates small but non-zero, then the bus, divided Road are leakage.