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The Purpose And Classification Of Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/07/30

     Concrete mixing plant china because of its high degree of mechanization and automation, productivity is bigger, reason often used in concrete quantity, long construction period and construction of highway pavement and bridge engineering, large and medium-sized water conservancy electric power engineering, construction, and concrete products in the factory.

    Concrete mixing station classification:
    1 according to the process layout pattern divided into the following two ways:
    Single stage type: single-stage type gravel, sand and cement and other materials once ascend to the top of the mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers hopper, weighing ingredients until then stirred into the finished material, all by weight of material to form a vertical drop and production process systems. It has high production efficiency, power consumption, high degree of mechanization and automation, compact layout and small size; but the equipment is more complex, large capital investment. So often used in large permanent mixing station.
    Two stage: two stage gravel, sand and cement and other materials in two upgrade, the first time the promotion material to storage hopper, after weighing ingredients, then the second material to enhance and discharged into the mixer, it has simple equipment, low investment, construction and quick; but its low degree of mechanization and automation, large area, more power consumption. It is mainly used for small and medium sized mixing station.
    2 Press the device mode can be divided into two types: fixed, mobile
    Suitable for permanent stationary mixing plants; mobile is applicable to the construction site.
    3 Press the mixer layout form points are: nested and Linear
    Nested blender is surrounded by a number of common loading and unloading center arrangement, which is characterized by a number blender public weighing device, but only stirred a variety of concrete.
    Straight line index blender or two in a row, this arrangement is required for each concrete batching plant equipped with a weighing device, but it can at the same time stirring several varieties of concrete.