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Solve Coagulation Figure Batch Plant Belt Deviation Problem

Writer:Admin   Time:15/06/11

     Cause analysis of concrete plant :

    Tape of a confluence of external force on the belt width is not zero or perpendicular to the belt width on the tensile stress caused by uneven.There are many factors which can cause the belt running deviation, so should from the conveyor design, manufacture, installation, use and maintenance aspects to solve the belt running deviation.
    Processing method:
    (1) on both sides of the tape or the tape is inconsistent tension more relaxed: the tape is running, if both deviation to the same side in the case of the no-load and load, indicating the tightness of the tape is not the same on both sides, can be shown in Figure 1 reorientation; if the batch plant  tape about the deviation and no fixed direction, then the tape slack, in the direction shown in Figure 2 should be adjusted tensioning mechanism.
    (2) mixing system gap between blades and the liner is too large, the mixing process, increases the resistance;
    (3) triangular belt is too loose, so that transmission efficiency is low. Check the tightness of the V-belt drive system and adjust;
    (4) Check the 50 m3/h low cost concrete batching plant  front cover safety switch is loose. Mixer cover the safety of maintenance switch is vibration loose, causing downtime.