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The Role Of Hao Mei Batching Plant Equipment In Construction Industry

Writer:Admin   Time:15/06/17

     China's manufacturing industry is large and quality of haomei batching plant is not high, in addition to major projects are state-owned monopolies, coverage is the most important of the ignition, everywhere lamps, industrial layout is scattered, industrial division disorder.Up and down around the vicious competition, breed is highly repetitive, industry chain rupture, value chain has been damaged by the disconnection between the industrial chain and more.

    From the Angle of industrial economics, industrial chain is according to the division of labor of each section of upstream and downstream products, is also the premise of value decomposition and the value of division of labor, the industrial chain is not clear, the value will drain, and product line is a division of upstream and downstream products in the same industry, can reduce resource consumption in the same industry chain and achieve complementary.
    HZS120  equipment industry can achieve the main reason for the rapid development, thanks to two points. One of the most rapid expansion over the past decade China's basic construction investment, and second, their own industrial upgrading. From these two points of view, tradition is not without investment opportunities.