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Some Faults Of Ready-mixed Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/25

     1. Air failure of ready-mixed concrete mixing plant .

    (1)The common fault of the air compressor is non-return valve damage, piston ring wear serious, air inlet valve damage and air filter is clogged.
    (2)The pressure relief valve failure. Pressure is not high, the failure always is the pressure regulating spring breakage or rupture of diaphragm, and it must be updated. The pressure rise is slow, generally the failure is the clogging of the filter, which should remove and clean it.
    2. Cylinder trouble
    (1)The buffering effect of the cylinder is bad, generally due to the buffer ring wear or the adjusting screw is damaged, you should replace the sealing ring and adjust the screw.
    (2)The mini mobile batching plant piston rod and the cylinder head damage, usually due to the eccentric rod installation or buffer mechanism does not work, you should adjust the center position of the piston rod in time, when necessary, you should also replace the buffer ring or adjust the screw.
    3. The reversing valve fault
    (1) The reversing valve can not change or change slowly. You should check whether the oil mist device is working properly and whether the lubricating oil viscosity is appropriate. If necessary, replace the oil, clean the valve sliding part or replace the spring and valve.
    (2)The valve sealing ring wear, the valve core and valve seat in the valve damage, gas leakage, slow or can not be normal for, at this time, you should replace the sealing ring, the valve core and valve seat, when necessary, you should also replace the new valve .
    4. Pneumatic auxiliary element failure
    The adjusting amount of the mist device adjusting needle is too small, oil plug and pipeline leak can make the liquid droplets of oil can't be atomized, you should promptly dealt with the blockage and leakage, adjust the amount of oil drops make it achieves about 5 drops /min. In normal use, the oil surface in the oil cup should maintain in the lower range. The sediment water on the bottom of cup should be excluded in time.
    5. Mechanical failure
    In the powder metering hopper discharge mouth often appear that the material shaft droved by the air cylinder is stuck; the turning plate butterfly valve driven by the rack cylinder is stuck. This will make the cement mixer close and open is not in place or not open. So you should often clear the powder agglomeration plate on the inner wall of the butterfly valve.