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Pay Attention To The Daily Maintenance Of Batch Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/22

     What should we do to solve some problems of batch plant ?

    1. Installation deviation adjusting supporting roller method: if several groups of self-aligning installed on the conveyor roller (roller or flat grooved roller), which can automatically correct the deviation phenomenon of adhesive tape. For example: when the rubber belt has friction with the side small block, the running direction forward that support the side along the adhesive tape, the other side is relatively backward, retaining roller side. At this time, the rubber belt will move to the back, until it returns to normal position.
    2. Monthly inspection and maintenance of belt tension to concrete batching plant sale , and make appropriate adjustment, checking the wear conditions of the blade and lining board, inspect whether the connecting bolts of rack, bin, and the large inclined belt machine parts are firm, and check whether the foundation is sinking; What's more, you should check whether there are caking and sundries in screw conveyor. If so, you should clear it timely.
    3. If you want to make the operation of commercial concrete mixing plant equipment more professional, not only need to study well the relevant operation maintenance knowledge in prophase, but also the continuous summary during the production and the continuous learning related knowledge are very important, and then we can apply flexibly, that is to say, we can have relevant production adjustments according to the production needs of mobile concrete batching plant equipment.