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The Inspections Of Small Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/21

     simple small concrete batching plant is fully automated by feeding, ingredients, mixing and electric control parts of a concrete mixing equipment, it is suitable for small and medium-sized construction projects, casting factory and commodity concrete production plants. Some inspections of it need pay attention.

    1, Check whether all aggregate storage bins are full of materials.
    2, Check whether the gas circuit has air leakage and water leakage phenomenon, if any, timely disassemble, clean and replace it. In addition, inspect there is flexible pipe damage and aging.
    3, Check the movement of each pneumatic butterfly valve is accurate as concrete mixer truck . If the valve can not be tightly closed, operators should promptly adjust it to closing state.
    4, Check whether there is suitable quantity of oil in the reduction gear box. The amount of oil should not be too much or too little (according to specifications).
    5, Check whether each of lubricating point of screw conveyor has been added lubricating oil.
    6, Check whether each of flexible connection of powder material weigher is well connected. It is prohibited to have loose phenomenon, otherwise a lot of powder would run out to cause serious environmental pollution.
    7. Inspect whether each interface of the gas path is well sealed and whether there is flexible pipe damage and aging.
    8. Make sure the discharge doors of concrete batch plant are tightly closed.
    9, the gas tank, air compressor water.