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Structural Characteristics Determine The Advantages Of Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/23

     Concrete mixing plant  is mainly composed of  mixing console, materials weighing system, conveying system, material storage system and control system and so on five big systems and other ancillary facilities.Because building aggregate measurement compared with standing aggregate metering, reduced the four of the intermediate links, and the vertical blanking metering, saved measuring time, thus greatly improving the production efficiency, under the condition of the same model, mixing building production efficiency than mixing plant production efficiency by a third.Such as: HLS90 floor of production efficiency and production efficiency of HZS120  of the production efficiency, production efficiency is equivalent to HZS180 of the production efficiency is equivalent to the productivity of HZS240 station.

    Main features:
    1, modularization, seriation, generalization and standardization design of concrete batching plant parts, are easy to transport, installation, maintenance, etc.
    2, superior mixing performance: generally USES dual-axial mixing consoles, strong stirring, stirring evenly and quickly.Suitable for dry rigid, plastic and all kinds of slump and proportioning of concrete.
    3, high reliability: the often impact, easy to wear in the strengthening design, long service life.
    4, precise metering of the performance.5, the maintenance of good performance.6, excellent environmental performance: adopt a totally enclosed design, main part is equipped with special filter dust.
    Now not only the type of batch plants and more, and there are many types, fixed, mobile, compulsory, free fall, to meet the needs of different users. If you want a professional production and supply of concrete, it can choose fixed; if the user is to meet the needs of their own their own production of concrete projects, you can choose mobile. Thus commercial concrete mixing plant  is so easy to use!