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The Site Selection And Buying Of Concrete Batch Plant Advice

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/17

     For users, buy before concrete batch plant , we must clearly understand a few questions.

    1, the production model is represented by the general concrete mixing station are theoretical yield.Like HZS50 type concrete mixing plant, theory of production is 50 cubic meters per hour.But comprehensive considering the slow feeding, feeding in a timely manner, the control room operator proficiency and other reasons, basic between 40, 48 cubic, actual output will be slightly lower than theory production, so when they have to buy equipment on the basis of the actual demand a little more.
    2, not a single preference for a certain equipment, such as the purchasing power of mixing console, and then for the weighing system, cement warehouse equipment can save a province.This is a very big a myth, concrete mixing station's production, mainly is decided by its host, but the premise is the demand of the other equipment can with the host, otherwise it is no use.
    3, when buying a concrete mixing plant equipment, with strong, experienced big manufacturer cooperation for good, concrete mixing plant manufacturer is usually the most big profits, to cut corners to equipment, and use inferior plank manufacture, stirring device of a complete set of poor durability, after-sales service can't guarantee.
    Concrete mixing station equipment at the site should pay attention to what the problem:
    First, the power supply should be timely, can not use ordinary wires. To use the machine should run high voltage, low voltage and voltage instability or equipment not only affect production, are more likely to damage the machine.
    Second, we must use to produce large amounts of water, so there is water and then place the best, but be aware that the water can not have a large debris. After the simultaneous production of effluents to be processed in order to inject the river, the water should have a cement and other substances, so to be processed. Wastewater discharge can be recycled after being utilized in the production.
    The third plant is not built in densely populated areas, should be run when the machine will generate noise, easy to influence people to rest, so the small concrete batching  plant is generally built on people less developed parts of the road.