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Safety Measures And Operation Procedures Of Mixer Trucks

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/16

     Due to the high body, large volume, long wheelbase, can produce blind spots in the driver's line of sight when turning, frequent cyclist or pedestrians caused casualties were involved in mixer trucks accidents.

    So you need to
    In concrete mixing vehicle installation guide blind eyes.
    Used in cement tanker are installed on the car blind spot monitoring system, the system can realize the close to the vehicle on both sides of the dangerous area of automatic alarm, can monitor in the car when turning the suitability, effectively eliminate the drivers visual blind Angle, ensure the driving safety.
    Also know: concrete mixer truck safety operation procedures.
    1. Before starting the mixer, the mixing tube should be operating handle on the "stop" position.
    2. After starting the engine, should make the mixing drum rotates at low speed for about 10 minutes, so that the hydraulic oil temperature rises above 20 ℃ after work before.
    3. Mixer at the open-air park, before loading the mixing tube should be reversed, the discharge water and debris to ensure the quality of concrete.
    4. When transporting the concrete, to ensure slide hopper placed firmly to prevent loosening caused by swing, wounding a pedestrian or affect the normal operation of other vehicles in the road.
    5. shipping Mixed Concrete, the mixing tube speed of 2-10 rev / min, during transport, mixing drum speed on a flat surface to ensure that 2-3 rev / min, driving on slopes greater than 50 roll road, or from side to side when a large road, stop stirring rotation until road conditions improved after the restoration swirled.
    6. Time concrete tanker concrete mixing station can not exceed the stipulated time. Transit cement mixer not a long stop to prevent segregation of concrete produced. Drivers should always observe the concrete situation, abnormal promptly inform the control room, an application to make a deal.