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The Description Concrete Boom Pump Parameters Detailed And Driving

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/12

      Concrete boom pump series:

    Chassis systems: chassis models sinotruk ace/wind/Mr Fukuda, matching engine type YC4E160-33, 2080 row of half bridge, wheelbase 1700 mm, before/after 1285/3050 mm, maximum speed 80 km/h, wheelbase 4700, the ratio of 5.833, before and after the bridge gearbox, DC6J65TA (with variable speed).Tires 9.00 R - 20, brake, brake the expiration of this frame 245 * 10, steering gear, power steering.

    Note: the standard - clutch booster, exhaust brake valve, electronic control flameout.The vehicle model HLQ5160THB.
    Pumping system theoretical maximum output of 40 m3 / h, the outlet pressure of concrete 8 mpa, allowable maximum bone particles (125) pipe diameter gravel 40 mm, 14-23 cm concrete pump, concrete cylinder 160-180 - mm diameter, piston stroke, 1000-1200 mm, maximum pump of frequency 26/13 times/min, pumping hydraulic system pressure rated 20 mpa, hopper volume 500 l, the pendulum type valve type s tube valve, pipe diameter is directly type 125 mm.
    Boom system: delta volume folding boom structural type boom section number 3, boom stretching Angle range 1-90/11-180/111-240, pumping the vertical height of 24 m, 18, the radius of gyration boom boom turning Angle 360 rotary, O, 30 mpa pressure in the hydraulic system.
    Engine parameters: 4105/4110 turbo, engine maximum power of 90 kw, the total mass of 15775 kg, curb weight 15580 kg, the vehicle overall dimensions (length x width x height) 9465 x2300, 2500 x3250, 3500 mm
    Driving conversion operations - operations 1, check the gear lever in the neutral position, pull the overhand brake, start the engine.2, interior panels will be driven by the "driving/operations" switch on the side switch to homework, homework indicator.Press the power switch on the panel, "power" lights, into the job status.3, the clutch, the shift lever on directly file location (define different due to different chassis, direct gear, see driving indoor work gear identification).4, the engine speed up to the maximum value.Complete the appeal procedure, after confirm the pump truck engine meet the job requirements, can in turn to pump truck leg, pump truck arm stretching operation.
    1. Check the shift lever into the neutral position, pull the hand brake, start the engine.
    2, the "driving / Job" switch on the driver's side interior panel converted to a job, work lights. Press the power switch on the panel, "Power" light, entering the job status.
    3, depress the clutch, the gear shift lever is directly linked to the position (due to different chassis, different stalls direct definition, see the cab work gear logo).
    4, the engine speed increased to the maximum setting. The completion of the appeal procedure after confirming small portable concrete pump for the job, you can be the legs pump, pump operation according to the order of the boom extension.