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With JS500 As An Example To Illustrate The Use Of Concrete Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/10

     Mixer can be a variety of materials to fit into a uniform mixture, such as cement, sand and gravel mixed with water into concrete wet material, etc.;Also can increase the material contact surface area to promote chemical reaction;Can also accelerate the physical changes, such as granular solute solvent, added by the effect of mixer can accelerate sugar.

    Operation of JS500 concrete mixer
    1. When machine is turned on, the power light and the fault indicating lamp should be burned automatically.
    2. When cement mixer is working, the flush-switch should be turned off.
    3. When the hopper lifting, forbid standing below, in case of being accidentally injured.
    4. When the mixer working, don’t stop the machine optionally. If some accidents happened, please open the discharging gate immediately to discharge 50% of the mixing aggregate manually, restart the machine after the trouble solved. Attention: Cut off the power when discharging manually, hang “electricity cutoff” sign, hold people guarding.
    5. No checking and repairing during the process of the machine working.
    6. Don’t make any of the sand or stone fall into the stirring part during the process of stirring. The aggregates which stick on the bottom of the hopper have to be cleaned in time, in case of influencing the dump-gate open and close.
    7. Don’t make the mixer be over-dumped and operating.
    8. When the machine stopped, open the flush-switch and start the water pump to clean the concrete inside of the batch plant drum, check the stirring-arm screw become loose or not, the distance between mixing blades and scaleboard: ≤ 5mm