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The Use Of Concrete Mixer Machine Attention To Detail

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/09

     Is a very important part in concrete mixer accessories, motor control system, the main operating  mixer in the operation of the pump, motor control system according to strict rules, reasonable operation, once the operating error, may affect the normal operation of the machine, are more likely to cause damage to circuit.

    Concrete mixing plant order is starting motor, first close air switch, then press the start button to contact us.Improper operation will appear if stuck, such as motor overload, short circuit, etc., air switch to do protective disconnected, because the handle is according to, cannot automatically disconnect air switch, will occur immediately destroyed the consequences of air switch.
    The second is to pay attention to lock in order for a variety of control: control the power switch, emergency stop, mixing equipment, main engine start, locking all measuring, feeding output, including the control output of the controller.Host starts at the same time attention should be paid to the host start using star triangle conversion start way, the star, whose triangle.Because there are 45 kw main motor power, start at the beginning, stator coil for star connection, so can reduce the starting current.To start after a period of time, the speed of the motor is close to normal speed, then starter stator coil to delta connection, start the indicator, the machine to normal operation.Must ban on load startup, loading start refers to the cement mixer with material under the condition of start.Because the load starting current for a period of time is very big, easy to burn down the air switch, contactor, reduce the service life of motor.It is strictly prohibited in the case of host mixing material, stop the host, unless in emergency cases in particular, the host can stop the car is heavy work.