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Three Kinds Of Measures To Prevent Accident Of Concrete Mixer Truck

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/09

     1,GPS positioning system can not only on concrete mixer truck for precise positioning and real-time monitoring, can monitor the running line, the speed of transport vehicle, which not only in vehicle management provides a convenient can also monitor the vehicle during operation is speeding phenomenon to the dispatching department concrete enterprise, this also for public security traffic law enforcement departments in the vehicle at the time of the accident to provide a basis for law enforcement. At present, many local concrete enterprise departments or local governments on mixer trucks in Africa installed the GPS positioning system. Such as Hangzhou city commercial concrete mixing truck to the association of 1768 concrete are equipped with the GPS, the association has also established the GPS positioning system, the establishment of a unified platform. By this measure, reduce the incidence of one times above Hangzhou City, concrete mixing truck accident.

    2,Considering the current concrete enterprise affiliated vehicles more, so it is necessary to strengthen the management of vehicles. Affiliated engineering transport enterprises must obtain the issuance of the road transport management institution business license according to law, the vehicle must be legally qualified, practitioners must go through safety training, in addition to the appropriate level issued by the Department of transportation's driver's license, at the same time, also must hold a licence to work; to undertake business transportation enterprise must be signed safety responsibility agreement with the owners safety responsibility agreement, signed with the affiliated owners, drivers, and regularly arranged on the security study.
    3,Concrete mixing truck "man", the vehicle height, when the vehicle turns, often caused by the rear blind spot. To effectively avoid the occurrence of concrete mixing truck to night and collision, the body of the transport vehicle to paste reflective logo, body side and rear shall be fitted with protective device. Do not comply with the paste body reflective logo, installation and transportation vehicle side and rear protective device requirements, must be strictly punished.
    At present, due to an accident more trailer concrete pump, in some places has caused outrage, hope the relevant departments to coordinate, to reduce and avoid the occurrence of accidents. Police expresses, the life is valuable, also hope to life for all concrete mixing truck driver, drive carefully.