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The Basic Requirement Of Mobile Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/24

     Mobile batching plant in weighing system is the basic requirement of accurate weighing error had a great influence on the strength of concrete, especially the water cement ratio measuring accuracy, because the strength and water cement ratio is linear relationship.Related national standards, cement, water, additive and admixture dynamic measuring accuracy is plus or minus 1%, sand, stone and dynamic measuring accuracy is plus or minus 2%.Fast to meet the requirements of the mixing floor standing work cycle.Variety according to the quantity, the kinds of primary transformation, more convenient to adapt the demand of various ratios and different capacity.Simple structure weighing device has simple structure, firm and reliable, stable performance and easy operation.Obviously, the use of sensors, electronic weighing system than mechanical scale can meet the requirements.

    Therefore, the load sensor has been more widely used in mobile concrete mixing station. However, objectively speaking, compared with mechanical lever scales, in the "solid and reliable, stable performance", the sensor electronic weighing system there are a lot of work to do. Concrete mixing station operating conditions and load sensor is a big difference between the generally used for electronic commerce measurement scales that small concrete batching plant load sensor is quite harsh operating conditions, the stress environment is very complex, and the general operating environment of electronic products compared greater randomness. Ambient temperature and humidity concrete mixing station is usually open-air installation, the sensor may suffer from sun and rain, extreme temperature changes. And many construction projects are quite harsh natural conditions in mountainous or remote areas. Therefore, we must consider a larger temperature range, higher humidity conditions. Concrete production process requires water. In the water delivery and the weighing process will produce a lot of water vapor, in a certain small range of more humid environment is formed. In the thermostat mixing building, then there are different requirements of high temperature and low temperature conditions working conditions. Summer run at low temperature conditions to be introduced into the cold and ice stirred below zero, then the building will appear condensate, which shows the high humidity of the building. Requires a large amount of concrete cement, coal ash, and an appropriate amount of additive in the production process. The powder conveying and weighing process will produce dust. Even the aggregate, in the delivery process also generates dust. Part of the dust will be attached to the load cell surface. Under the combined effect of dust and water vapor, the sensor will be more serious corrosion. Therefore, the damage is usually powder scale sensors sensors than other scales more frequently.
    In the feed process, sand and gravel will have an impact. The sensor should be able to withstand 5g acceleration. In the mixing process will produce continuous vibration, and vibration can cause fatigue damage. Human environment is one of the factors that must be considered when designing the product reliability. Concrete mixing plant is usually installed at the construction site. Less extensive use of temporary workers on a construction site, where a considerable number of temporary workers and cultural level, lack the necessary skills. Maintenance and cleaning work device, the sensor is likely to occur by the sputtering pressure water, caused by misuse overload situation. Obviously, the sensor to be long-term reliable operation under such environmental conditions, is to some special design.
    These basic requirements and operating conditions can be used as concrete mixing plant (station) with a load sensor selection basis. Batching plant manufacturer with a load sensor selection issues to be considered when there is a load sensor to determine load capacity, load sensor accuracy sensor selection CFCKN-1 compared with the normal S-type sensor, at least has the following advantages thick shell, anti- mechanical damage, especially outside the anti-collision capability; weld deep, long time corrosion wear; overload gap also within the enclosure, not because of the accumulation of dust or debris is blocked; reasonable load sensor housing design is weighing device "solid and reliable, stable performance," an important guarantee, can not seriously consider selection.