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The Drawing Cement Silo Concrete Batching And Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:16/05/06

     The production of cement concrete batching and mixing plant storehouse, 60 t, 50 t, 100 t, 150 t, 200 t, 250 t, such as specifications, mainly by the capsule, arch breaker powder dust removal device, pneumatic, electric control system, chassis, etc.

    Cement silo concrete mixing stations, stirring the powder storage device supporting buildings and other types of equipment.
    Cement warehouse of ready mix concrete plant performance good or bad depends on the dust removal system and broken arch.Below for everyone to look at the image resolution:
    1, vibrators 2 , dust removal device 3, on the level gauge 4, level gauge under 5, gas tee 6, PU tube 7, lock master pipe joints 8, Brace 9. discharge gate 10, feeding interface 11, gas control box 12, sub-bassoon 13, at positions 14, on the cartridge body 15 , manholes