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How Much Water Spend On Concrete Batch Plant ?

Writer:Admin   Time:16/05/09

     After stirring work concrete batch plant equipment, from an environmental point of view, the cement mortar or concrete clean water is highly alkaline, high PH value, up to 12 disposable, indiscriminate discharge will pollute the environment. So good treatment, sewage circulation is often necessary to use right or wrong. It is also a request together with the environmental protection station.

    The use of clean vehicles is a bulk water mixing station. Scour truck is a big waste. It posits that a truck with 1-2T water erosion, scour every day 2-3 times to plan a medium mixing station every day, using 20 vehicles, for example, spent day for water 40-120T. Wash water reuse is very beneficial to protect the environment and save water resources.

     In the production of top water mini concrete batching plant is great, but along with the skills of transformation. Concrete vehicle cleaning and waste water through rational analysis, can be repeated use directly into the mixer, so there is a significant decline of the use of the amount of water produced.

     To solve the concrete mixing station every day scouring mixer, cement tanker constituted wastewater doubt, we Haomei Machinery Equipment Co., ltd sewage circulatory system, and patent supplier batching plant . Many manufacturers now produce concrete recovery devices are using our equipment.