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Concrete Temperature Of Batch Plants Concrete Production

Writer:Admin   Time:16/05/11

     Production of batch plants concrete temperature is required.In order to determine the proportion in the actual production when the machine temperature and the actual circumstances of the slump, the simulated experiment before production.After putting in place a raw materials, selected a sample of a formal production of C50 concrete, the observed initial temperature, pouring temperature, slump, water retention, adhesiveness and other performance indicators.

    Concrete plant materials laboratory from the beginning of the water temperature, gravel, cement, concrete temperature measurement. Atmospheric maximum temperature of 27-31 degrees Celsius, the water temperature at 16-18 degrees Celsius, the average temperature of 21-25 degrees Celsius sand, cement transport checks the interior temperature of 60 degrees Celsius cement, concrete (C20-C50) extruder temperature of 26-31 degrees Celsius. Focus on tracking the C50, C40 high strength grade, the higher the amount of cement concrete temperature measurement, the temperature of the machine mostly in 30-31 degrees Celsius.