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Concrete Batching Plants Problems In Daily Use

Writer:Admin   Time:16/05/13

     New concrete batching plants may note five aspects in daily use: high wear speed, poor lubrication, looseness, leakage phenomenon, error occurs will be occur on concrete batching plants.

    1. Which concrete mixing plant parts wear out faster?
    Concrete mixing plants due to new machine parts processing, assembly and relieve the effects of factors, the friction surface roughness, coupled with surface contact area is small, uneven pressure on the surface. Machine is in process, spare parts surface bump some nested friction, grinding down metal debris, and as abrasive, continued participation in friction, more accelerated part mating surface wear. Therefore, adjustments and easy wear and tear of parts, wear faster. At this point, if overloaded operations can cause parts damage, early failure. Such as concrete mixer mixing leaf;
    2. Poor lubrication of small yardage precast concrete plants will lead to what kind of consequences?
    Because new assemble parts of the concrete plant is with a small gap between them, and due to assemble and other reasons, it is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of clearance, lubricant is not easy to form a uniform oil film on friction surfaces to prevent wear. Drop lubrication effectiveness, resulting in earlier abnormal wear of parts. Severe cases can cause friction surface scratching or scuffing of the exact fit, leading up to the failure.