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The Five Basic Components Of Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/11

     Concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of concrete material weighing system, conveying system, material storage system and control system of large system and other ancillary facilities.

    1, mixer, blender according to the mixing methods fell into forced mixer and mixer.Forced mixer is the mainstream of the concrete mixing station at home and abroad to use, it can stir liquid, half dry hard and harsh, and other concrete.Since the fall mixer main mixing concrete, liquidity is rarely used in the station.Forced mixer in the form of the structure spindle planetary mixer, single shaft mixer with double shaft mixer.And especially with dual-axial mini concrete batching plant comprehensive performance is best.My company series concrete batching plant adopt dual-axial mixing machine.
    2, materials weighing system: materials weighing system is the key to affect the quality of concrete and concrete production cost components, mainly divided into aggregate weighing, powder and liquid weighing three parts.In general, concrete mixing station under 35 cubic meters per hour adopts superposition weighing method, the aggregate (sand, stone) using a pair of scales, cement and fly ash with a pair of scales, water and liquid admixtures weighing respectively, then the liquid admixtures into water said premixed within a bucket.In more than 50 cubic meters per hour in yhzs60 and use the said material more independent weighing way, all weighed using electronic scale and computer control.Aggregate weighing accuracy is 2%, or less, powder, water and cement admixtures weighing precision reaches 1% or less.