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The Motor Startup To Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/10

     First, start the commercial concrete mixing plant  motor order:

    Open motor to meet two conditions.First, the control of the motor air switch is closed, the second contact switch to off.Correct order is first closed air switch, and then press the start button to contact us.But sometimes in debugging and maintenance, in order to make the other motor movement, the switch is not closed, the button has been launched, contactor has been closed, then to forcibly closed air switch can appear abnormal situation, such as motor stuck, overload, short circuit, etc.Air switch to do protective disconnected, because the handle was, according to the air cannot automatically disconnect switch, air switch occurs the consequences of burning.So, should form the habit of is: when the closed air switch, must first check whether the contactor is released.
    Second, the various control lock order:
    1, the control power switch: the key switch on the overall operation of the electrical control panel.
    2. Emergency stop: Lock all control and output signals other than bells, voltmeters.
    3, stirring preparation: lock together with a host start than "concrete release" outside the control output.
    4, the host starts: Lock all metering, feed output, including the control output of the controller.
    Third, the mixer starts Note:
    1. Start mode mixer description:
    Start the batch plant using star-delta conversion startup mode, namely the star start, triangle run. Since the mixer main motor power is larger, starting at the beginning of the stator coils in a star connection, this can reduce the starting current. After a period of time to be started, the motor speed is close to the normal speed, then the starter will be changed to the stator coil delta connection, start lights, the motor switches to normal operation.
    2, ban on load startup:
    On load start refers to the mixer with material under the condition of start.Because the load starting current for a period of time is very big, easy to burn down the air switch, contactor, reduce the service life of the motor, mixer with the right approach under the condition of material is:
    (1), start the air compressor, will host the door is opening, make material leakage part;
    (2), if the blender is not a lot of materials, and can host, make the material out, until internal material rarely or completely after restarting.
    (3), if the concrete boom pump blender material a lot, need to manually from the part, then described in (2) method.