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The Accessories Of Concrete Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/07

     Because of the concrete mixer on the operation and some other equipment will be slightly different, therefore, here is mainly to share dual-axis mixer operation matters needing attention.After mixer is used, the mixing barrel and mixing plant in working position, with the right amount of water inside the tube, the stirring device and the mixing drum clean.At the same time to clean machine other parts of the concrete, so as to avoid residual concrete stick on the machine.Before coming off work all done, to cut off power supply.Mixing water in winter construction should put clean water tank, to prevent frostbite.

    A hydraulic concrete mixer from the hopper assembly, 19 teeth wheel (wash teeth), into the hopper, 21 teeth wheel (wash teeth), 23 teeth wheel (wash teeth), front axle, rear axle, the big V-belt pulleys, hoppers big wheels, bearings standoff, hopper Ferry, bearing gland, big wheel door, clutch assembly.
    Smaller parts with lacing ring, roller, hole with a retainer ring, a fixed plate, shaft with a retainer ring, elastic supports, transmission assembly, scheduling screws, box body assembly, screw connection, left, right, cover cover, brake, the brake, query hole cover, cover, input shaft, iron sliding plug, center shaft, output shaft, ball sliding plug, bao hou gear, malleable cast iron piston, steel sliding plug, 18 teeth wheel, malleable iron, iron fork fork, outer gland, support Angle, bearing the wheel set, loose, feeding, feeding the small round, big drum, small water pumps, 750 w, 550 w pumps, big ring gear, wheel, axle, wheel, pump head, wire hanging wheel, motor, suitable cone, the suction valve, wheel bearings, roller, supporting wheel, wheel (single), roller (double) inside the mother, lock, the lock plate, spline shaft in 625 long, spline shaft in 750 long, spline shaft, 890 long, U type wire  of conical concrete mixer , malleable cast iron roller, iron big tug, small roller, roller, roller, inner gland, fixed plate, feeding wheel, bearing supporting feet, ¢165 small, fixed plate supporting feet.