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The Working Process Of 6m3 Concrete Mixer Truck

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/05

    6m3 concrete mixer truck Performance features

    1.High configuration gurantee high performance.
    The whole components of hydraulic system adopts the world famous brand products, including the filter, temperature detect switch (TDS) and so on, which ensures the reliability and safety of the system.
    2.All-steel radia tyre
    The truck mixer is equipped with all-steel radial tyre as standard, which features high loading capacity, low rolling resistance, nice wear resistance, and good puncture-proof performance. With this kind of tyre, the raveling will become safer.
    Concrete Mixer Truck should be set in the flat position, paving the front and rear axle with square wood, so that the tire resting on a high overhead, so as to avoid moving around when starting. Concrete truck should implement the 2 level leakage current protections. After the power is turned on, you must carefully check the empty test switch that confirms qualification before use. Commissioning should be tested under normal circumstances if drum speed is appropriate.
    According to the concrete mixer truck concrete shipment by water content, a wet type, dry type and half dry type three mixing transporter.Wet material is used most of domestic type concrete mixer truck, it can be produced by mixing plant (station) of shipment or by the mixing ratio of concrete aggregate (sand and gravel), cement and water, in the course of carriage, wet material slowly stir constantly, prevent concrete initial setting and segregation during the transit.However, from production to the pouring of concrete time generally can't more than 1.5 h, so as to avoid concrete sets.
    Check the clutch and brake device's reliability. Idling in the mixing cylinder, add water 1 - 2min, check the transmission clutches and brakes are flexible and reliable before work. If the wire rope damage or not, and whether track pulley is good. Check the lubrication at the fuel circuit and control equipment, as required, filling oil around the barrier-free and the parts of the lubrication.
    After the booting, always pay attention to all parts of the concrete batch mixer trucks is functioning properly. When the machine shut down, often check whether the concrete mixer blades bent, or nail loose screws. In the running process of concrete mixer, seizes any time to check and listen to the noise of the motor, speed reducer, transmission gear. At the same time to test if temperature is too high.
    Ending the work, shifts should carefully clean the concrete truck. Maintenance of the body cleans and removes dirt and obstructions in the body. when the Concrete Mini Mixer Truck is prepared, mixing Commercial concrete batching plant manufacturer trader cost is completed or is expected to stop for more than 1h, except to net, the application of stones and water poured into the shaking barrel, start to turn the stick in the barrel of the mortar rinse all discharged.