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The Installation Of Asphalt Mixing Plant Electrical System

Writer:Admin   Time:15/10/19

     Be familiar with the asphalt mixing plant system, be familiar with the principle of reasonable wiring, wiring connection

    1) regardless of the mixing plant is installed for the first time or move to a new site, engaged in electrical installation technicians and maintenance personnel be combined with the working process of the mixing station first familiar with the control mode and the principle of the entire electrical system.Be familiar with the system of distribution and some of the key control elements of the specific role.
    2) check whether there is any breakage on cable carefully before cable arrangement.On each line with shaking table carefully check whether there is open circuit, short circuit, and the weak current signal cable and high voltage cable points requirement when decorate slot layout.When wiring according to the drawings and the installation position of electrical components, from the outer part to each control unit or peripheral to the centralized control room.
    3) the arrangement of the cable to choose the right path.Oil cross and parallel, and should be avoid as far as possible to avoid damp low-lying areas.Permanent concrete batching machine and old equipment to install more should pay attention to, had better go threading pipe line and go line.Temporary site can choose cheaper price PVC pipe fitting, which can avoid the line insulation performance degradation caused by damp when short circuit and motor faults.
    System of the electrical grounding protection (zero), and make the whole machine of grounding and shielding grounding of sensor
    1) different power supply system can adopt corresponding grounding (zero) protection.TT type: when installing mixing station all the shell station metal structure and the control room is the reliable grounding protection.
    2) in order to prevent the mixing station lightning strike damage, to the very top of the concrete mixing plant manufacturers in the installation install the lightning rod, and all components of the mixing station in the effective lightning protection zones.Lead to adopt cross section is not less than 16 was, good insulation protection sheath copper wire.