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The Maintenance Requirements To Concrete Mixers

Writer:Admin   Time:15/10/20

     The maintenance of twin shaft concrete mixer, is not only the user has strict requirements to the maintenance, concrete mixer device itself for maintaining the detailed steps of such as have relevant requirements.For concrete mixer with pump, detailed maintenance should be done.

    Series Heavy Duty Mixer is the most widely used in the world today biaxial mode, in use worldwide over 6000, in the ready-mix concrete, precast blocks, pavers and dam applications. These double-shaft mixer produce far more than 10,000 cubic yards of concrete, every day. Its compact size, so that they can be retrofitted to existing equipment, in most cases, doubling the throughput, without the need for two mixers and material feed division. The art is to make concrete mixer concrete batch quickly and completely. Powerful stirring action throws forced spiral mixer particles to achieve the center of each side in their combined water is forced through a strong jet into the mixing, where it is absorbed completely, allowing all polymeric particles coated homogeneous slurry, forming the strongest concrete.
    Due to pump concrete mixers mixing occurs in free space above the floor of the mixer, the wear on the lining board is very low of 70% of the surface of the lining is seldom touched outside concrete.