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The Main Station Structure Is Introduced To Concrete Batching Plants

Writer:Admin   Time:15/07/15

     Main structure and the installation of concrete batching plants :

    First, from the function points, concrete mixing plant equipment generally consists of the following sections:
    1, surge bin: storage sand, stone, cement, water and other materials, to feed ingredients institutions;
    2, ingredients: according to certain proportion measurement such as sand and gravel materials, mainly composed of various scales, there are also made using measurement by volume flow metering equipment, etc.;
    3, hoisting mechanism, gravel aggregate are mainly used for ascension;
    4, stirrer, will all kinds of raw materials mixing, the final form of concrete;
    5, concrete batching plant production control system: control parts coordination, complete production process.
    Second, the installation of equipment
    1, in the concrete mixing station installation process, a lot of attention to see cement tank (cement silo) the body is inclined, deformed legs and other problems. If there is such a case in a timely manner to solve the problem, do not wait until there is a problem when the only regret.
    2, the installation process types, to the bottom of the leg and welding firm foundation embedded parts. A solid foundation in order to protect the mechanical stability.
    3, concrete mixing station equipment during work is prohibited strong impact leg and body positions. For example, load the car out, or on the forklift material feed. If found to be timely to replace the leg or the legs again firmly.
    4, concrete mixing station equipment before installation of equipment, to the foundation to do, must be done firmly.
    5, the operation of the machine concrete mixing station equipment over a period of time after work, check the filter bag of cement attached to the situation on a regular basis at the time the machine is not working, clean. And butter pneumatic pump. In yhzs60 site must take security check, for each mixing station equipment must be timed, qualitative and went to check maintenance, does security work-site safety