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How To Overall Outer Seal To Concrete Mixing Station ?

Writer:Admin   Time:15/07/15

     After installation of ready mix concrete plant , how to carry out the whole steel structure outsaid ?What things are needed to finish overall outer seal ?

    Starting a concrete batching plant steel structure WaiFeng equipment for steel structure housing, commonly a ladder, platform, the top of the mast, mixing layer protective structure, the main trough and so on .
    When the outer seal installation site concrete mixing station, generally first the whole mixing station is installed, and then build a house like that, concrete mixing station around the steel pillar into the ground, and then around the welding, soldering is completed then some auxiliary equipment such as ladders, trunking, funnel installed. There are some cases, such as steel originally installed when the overall quality problem can not be used needs to be replaced, usually to advance the overall steel outer seal welding is completed at the site, and then directly to the concrete mixing station set above, and then some auxiliary equipment such as welding ladders.