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Effective Way To Reduce The Wear And Tear Of Concrete Batching Plants

Writer:Admin   Time:15/07/13

     Concrete batching plants wear will affects the production efficiency of equipment, so in the process of production of the most important thing is to reduce its wear.

    The first is the concrete mixer lubrication, lubrication where there are a lot of needs, plus the amount of lubricant method and not the same, and sometimes also need to replace the new lubricant, but also need time quantitative fake lubricant, the user must understand these lubrication technology to ensure concrete mixer lubrication.
    China concrete batching plant easier to wear parts of a shaker, mixing blades, surface, mixing tube, how to reduce the wear and tear of these places?
    Vibrating screen key in vibration and bearing wear, the user must choose high quality bearing, lubricating device to be reasonable, the user must often for bearing lubrication;Because of mixing concrete mixing blades need generally wear more serious, which requires users to pay attention to when add material to avoid large hard object or wire method within the mixing barrel, and often repair for mixing blades;Mobile concrete batching plant factory surface is worn may cause tremors, sliding, impact, scratch, rust, etc., which requires users to pay attention to when using, avoid collisions, and keep the surface clean, found rust should be timely treatment;Mixing barrel is also often wear, which requires a user when clean mixing barrel immediately after work, to prevent the concrete in the mixing drum set.