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The Suggestions To Host Of Concrete Mixing Station

Writer:Admin   Time:15/07/10


    1, concrete mixing station : according to the demand of the construction progress plan, and the ability to produce cement concrete mixing station is: 60 m3 / h, according to select the host for the 1500 type concrete mixer
    2, cement transport equipment: the use of bulk cement mixing station, a total of three 100T bulk cement storage tanks. Cement transport cement factory produced mainly by supply transport.
    3, sand, stone, additives, water storage and transportation equipment: mixing station with a 45m × 18m × 1.8m of sand, rubble material storage yard, equipped with two loaders XGMA XG951 heap materials to the mixer bone silo loading. Silo is located inwardly sloping ground 4% cross slope, silos outside a 30cm × 30cm drains, water grate bars located on the gutter, easy loader through
    4, mobile concrete mixer plant delivery equipment: choose to pouring concrete tank field, then the concrete delivery pump to the casting.This site is equipped with two HBT60 concrete delivery pump, 6, 8 m3 concrete tank car as the primary transport of concrete equipment, to ensure the delivery of concrete.