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The maintenance measures of mobile concrete mixer plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/03/20

     In the process of using mobile concrete mixer plant, the phenomena of wear and corrosion of parts, reduction or deterioration of lubricating oil, loosening or displacement of fasteners, etc. result in the decrease of dynamic, economic and safety reliability of machinery. Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding preventive measures in time to reduce the wear rate of parts before the parts have reached the limit of wear or failure. Degree, eliminate the hidden trouble of failure, so as to ensure the normal operation of mobile concrete batching plant, extend the service life of machinery, this is the maintenance of machinery.

    (1) cleaning

    Cleaning is to require that all parts of mobile batching plant keep clean without sludge, dirt and dust, especially the surface of motor and reducer, to ensure the normal heat dissipation of concrete machinery.

    (2) fastening

    Tightening is to check the fastening of the connecting parts of each part of the mobile concrete mixer plant in time. Vibration during mechanical operation can easily loosen the connecting parts. If not tightened in time, not only oil leakage, air leakage, water leakage and electricity leakage may occur, but also the bolts in some key parts will be loosened, and the force distribution of the original design parts will be changed. In light of this, the parts will be deformed, while in heavy cases, the parts will be broken and separated, which will lead to the failure of operation and cause mechanical accidents.

    (3) adjustment

    Adjustment is to check and adjust the relative relationship and working parameters of many parts of mobile concrete mixer plant machinery in time to ensure the normal operation of machinery. Especially the flexibility and reliability of key components should be adjusted properly to prevent accidents.

    (4) lubrication

    Lubrication is to add or replace lubricating oil regularly according to the requirements, in order to maintain good lubrication between mechanical moving parts, reduce wear and tear of parts, and ensure the normal operation of machinery.

    (5) protection

    Protection is to achieve moisture-proof, rust-proof, acid-proof, corrosion-proof mechanical parts and electrical equipment for portble concrete mixing plant. In particular, the mechanical appearance must be repaired or coated with anti-corrosion materials such as grease.