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Which type of stationary concrete batching plant or mobile batching plant to select

Writer:Admin   Time:19/03/20

     Which type of stationary concrete batching plant or mobile batching plant to select?
    In recent years, fixed concrete batching plant or called stationary concrete batching plant has become the reference object for many customers. The batching plant adalah has flexible configuration and strong mobility. It is composed of lifting bucket, mixing machine and batching machine.

    The powder metering of fixed concrete batching plant consists of feeding inlet, metering bucket, sensor, support, butterfly valve and other components. It can be used in the field construction of highway, bridge, power station, dam construction and new rural construction.

    The price of concrete batching plants mainly depends on the choice of equipment and the size of the model, and the size of the batching plant equipment depends on the volume of concrete used in surrounding construction projects, and the project is huge.
    Usually large concrete mixing plant equipment, relatively small engineering concrete batching plant equipment can be used.
    Mobile batching plant is a concrete mixing equipment designed and developed for users with short construction period, long construction line and frequent transfer. The machine is compact in structure, small in area, easy to install and high in automation. It is widely used in the construction of road and bridge, building, water conservancy, electric power and other infrastructure. Easy to disassemble and assemble, convenient to transfer, the overall design of the drag-type, proportioning conveyor, mixing machine, weighing system, silo as a whole structure. It is quick to disassemble and assemble and convenient to transport when transferring.
    In order to meet customers'demands for speed, functionality and compactness, mobile batching plant indonesia is a complete set of pre-connected equipment. This mode significantly reduces the installation and commissioning time of the mixing station. The control room is connected with the main structure. The control cabinet is installed in the control room. All the cabinets are installed before leaving the factory.
    The portable batching plant equipment has been debugged, and there is no need to dismantle and connect the cable when the equipment is transferred. The air system is closely connected with the main structure, so there is no need to disassemble and assemble the equipment when it is transferred.