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The purchase guidance for small concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:18/09/18

     During the actual order of concrete batching plants, some configuration parameters can be adjusted according to different customer requirements, such as the capacity and specific quantity of cement silo, the number of screw conveyors, the configuration of control room, the height of the legs of the mixer, etc. Users can choose and configure themselves. Therefore, the price of small concrete batching plant is also based on the list required by users.

    Taking the small concrete batching plant HZS35 as an example, we introduce some specific configurations: hzs35 concrete batching plant, including a JS750 forced concrete mixer, PLD1200 concrete mixer, flake cement tank, screw conveyor, weighing system, bucket elevator, etc., can be configured with automatic control or semi-automatic control. The system has obvious advantages, simple structure, low cost, stable and reliable.

    The configuration of small concrete batching plant is not much different from that of large scale concrete mixing station, but the type of concrete mixer and batching machine can be divided into different sizes, and the feeding method of small-scaleconcrete mixing plant basically adopts lifting bucket feeding, which greatly saves the area of batching plant; and most of the control system uses half of the area. Automatic control has great advantages in price. Of course, these can be determined according to the specific needs of users.